You want different
Let me take that dream photoshoot you pictured in your head, and bring that to life. Keep the copy + paste poses at home, let's work to capture the genuine reactions and feelings of you as we move throughout our session. No modeling experience needed, you are perfect as you are and it's my job to show you that I mean it.
Plus, I am the bees knees.

I'm Kacii, AKA your new hype gal!

Scranton wedding photographer

I've always been the kind of girl who always needs to make others happy. Call it childhood trauma, say it's the taurus in me, either way - I just want to make people happy. That being said, anxiety had quickly become a second part of me from a young age.  I care and I don't just care about your photos, but I care about YOU. From our first consultation call, I am getting to know exactly who you are and how I can best serve you. From the location picking, to styling you head to toe, to ensuring your session or wedding is one you'll look back on joyfully. I am meticulously planning and executing every bit of it for you. One thing about me is I am a great listener, so tell me all about your vision for your photos, how you want to feel, what you want to see. Tell me it all & let me help bring it to life.

What can I say, I'm an anxious girly, but you're the one who benefits from it.

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I've traveled to 20 states and want to hit all 50!

I'm highly allergic to apples! Keep them away!

I'm a Jeans + T-shirt kinda gal & ive always got my crocs on.

my death row meal would be stuffed crust pizza.

I'm obsessed with everything green, especially emeralds.

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May 2024 - Washington D.C

June 2024 - Canton, N.Y

July 2024 - Nashville, TN

August 2024 - Ocean City, MD

September 2024 - Orlando FL

October 2024 - Canton, NY

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Golden State of mind

- Merrick's Mom

From the first chat to the final portfolio. Just, Wow! My sons senior photos turned out phenomenal. So worth it!

Rad couples. Groovy photos. Good vibes only.